Anti-Fatigue Mats

Anti-Fatigue Mats

Whether it’s for work or play, standing on your feet for prolonged periods can become harmful to your health over time. Kimmel Corp. understands the importance of employee comfort and its effect on productivity. That’s why we always design our anti-fatigue mats with consideration for the user. We demonstrate that through cutting-edge materials, industry-leading replacement and repair services, and a customer-friendly replacement program.

  • Unmatched Quality. Like with all our products, quality is critical. Our non-slip rubber-backed anti-fatigue mats are a continuation of the reputation we’ve established over several years. Built for the long haul, these anti-fatigue mats don’t falter with extended use.
  • Safety. No matter the industry, your employees and customers need to feel comfortable while standing. Bare floors introduce harmful pressure to knee joints and can even lead to back pain over prolonged periods. Ensuring safety by taking extra measures to promote their well-being pays tenfold in productivity and appreciation.
  • Inventory Management. Kimmel Corp. provides anti-fatigue mats through our world-class rental program. Exchange your old anti-fatigue mat and replace it with a brand-new one whenever you need it!
  • Sanitary. An anti-fatigue mat is an extra line of defense in trapping dirt and debris while absorbing spills, thanks to high-quality construction. Improve your business image and operations in a small but noticeable way.

Elevating Your Brand in Subtle Ways

Anti-fatigue mats are a popular addition to the Kimmel Corp. all-star mat lineup. Their versatility, durability, functionality, and overall effectiveness are driven by results. They are proven to protect and enhance your business by prioritizing the employee. Elevate your image in real ways that employees and guests can experience during your day-to-day operations.  

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