Take Complete Control of your Textiles

K-Trax RFID Tracking ensures that all uniforms are scanned into our facility. We can then track garments throughout production until they are a completed bundle by the uniform wearer. Unlike bar codes that need to be scanned, information is automatedly transferred to a database reducing potential error and counting garments, allowing our team to focus on quality and repairs. This ability to scan items in and out of our facility guarantees all items turned in for cleaning and repairs are returned the following delivery.


Added Security

No stone is left unturned when striving to achieve comprehensively outstanding service. K-Trax RFID Tracking represents the best in what Uniform tracking technology has to offer. Several steps go into the production and arrival of your high-quality garments, which also leaves several opportunities for your products to get lost or misplaced. K-Trax RFID Tracking ensures that through each phase, every garment has this system discretely sewn in, enabling us to track garments in our production facility with 100% accuracy.


Peace of Mind

We understand that you expect no less than stellar productivity. Managing a successful business involves factors big and small. Removing the distractions that derail smooth operations is about as valuable as time and money. With K-Trax RFID Tracking, we relieve the headache of managing garments the old-fashioned way. We replace them with industry-leading solutions that minimize risk and ease your burdens, allowing you to focus on those that matter. We guarantee accuracy and timeliness upon every delivery.


Staying Ahead of the Curve

Kimmel Corp keeps you ahead of the curve amidst constant changes in best practices. Utilize K-Trax RFID Tracking and enjoy benefits beyond a streamlined service that equips your valued employees with a sufficient inventory of high-quality garments. Because our tracking system is so accurate, the loss of garments and textiles is a thing of the past. This reduces cost, removes the managerial hassle of coordinating replacements, and saves money.


Full Service

Streamlined deliveries, K-Trax RFID Tracking inventory management, industrial laundering, repairs/replacements, and a passionate customer support team round out an outstanding service that supports our world-class tracking system.

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