Satisfaction Survey

Satisfaction Survey

Uniform Rental Needs Analysis

Rate your Current Vendor on a Scale of 1-10

How would you rate the overall condition of your rental garments? Do they convey the proper image for your company? Are they comfortable for employees to wear? Cleanliness and performance is high quality?
New employees are provided proper uniforms in a timely manner? The time for new uniforms to arrive is done quickly and efficiently.
Are uniforms easily and timely repaired or replaced when needed? The process to get repairs or replacements of uniforms is easy and works efficiently to resolve these problems.
My customer representative is extremely reliable and is dedicated to ensuring deliveries are accurate, on time, and ready to wear. I have a consistent team to support to my day-to-day quality of service.
I am in contact frequently with the manager assigned to my program. Adding and deleting wearers is simple and easy. My manager assigned to me is easily available. Billing/Invoice and other concerns or other issues are quickly addressed.
Are your invoices easy to understand? Can you accurately determine to true cost of your program? Are unit prices and cost easily determined? Are you notified when a price increases happens?
Employees rate the uniforms as comfortable and clean. Uniforms fit properly and are suited to the work performed.
Uniforms provided are consistent with our culture and convey the right message in accordance with our brand.
My provider consistently returns phone calls, emails, and notifications of problems or issues promptly and consistently.
I am extremely satisfied with my current rental provider and consider the provider as reliable and see no need to improve our rental options.

Agreement Cautions: Ability to increase prices and auto-renew dates.

Overall Satisfaction

100- 85 Extremely Satisfied

60 to 75 Improvements Needed Should Consider Other Providers

50 or Below Satisfactory /Should Evaluate Other Providers