Standard Walk Off Mats

Standard Walk Off Mats

The success of your business rests on the shoulders of your valued staff. Ensure a safe space to carry out the day’s tasks effectively by minimizing risk with Kimmel Corp.’s standard walk off mats.

What Kimmel Corp. Brings to the Table

Our standard walk off mats offer the best in safety and dirt/debris management. They also comply with ADA requirements so you can serve your business and customers optimally. First impressions mean everything, so put your best foot, or mat, forward with Kimmel Corp.!

Improved Image

Walk off mats epitomize the age-old expression, “big things come in small packages.” Getting ahead of the competition means looking for an advantage in any way you can. A well-placed floor mat is a subtle way to achieve that professional image for your business.

Protecting the Brand

Our rubber-backed mats reduce slip-and-fall accidents all too common in the workplace. Kimmel Corp. walk off mats protect the brand and the image you’ve worked hard to cultivate with simple and effective safeguards.


The cleanliness of your workplace should be an outward representation of your professional success. Walk off mats keep dirt and grime out of your space while telling the customer you pay attention to the little things. A clean environment boosts productivity, nurtures employee well-being, and promotes longevity for your business.

Professional Care

Our full-service program guarantees your walk off mats are pristine and always at their best. Our decades of expertise have allowed us to simplify our rental program to ease your stress when providing for your business.

Prioritizing Your Brand

Standard walk off mats improve work environments in so many ways. On top of promoting safety, reducing slips and falls, and defending against outside contaminants, enjoy the benefits of the improved air quality that Kimmel Corp. standard walk off mats provide.

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