Uniform Rental in Fostoria, OH

Uniform Rental in Fostoria, OH

For over nine decades, Kimmel Corp. has been the go-to provider for uniform rental in Fostoria, OH. We offer a wide range of services from uniform and laundry to floor mats and facility services. We are proud of our outstanding customer service legacy and consistently offer services that help local businesses enhance their brand image while complying with industry standards.


Beyond basic uniform rental in Fostoria, we include cleaning, repair, and prompt, reliable delivery. Trust Kimmel Corp to keep your team presentable and impressive at all times. Our uniforms are both comfortable and durable. Your team is sure to impress while maintaining their comfort and meeting industry standards.

Floor Mats

At Kimmel Corp., we understand how vital a safe and clean work environment is. Our commercial floor mat services reduce the risk of slip-related accidents while maintaining a clean appearance for your business. We have a wide selection of mat styles and sizes to meet your specific needs.

Table Linens

Elevate your guests’ dining experience with our incredible selection of table linens. Our table linen selection includes vibrant hues, delicate patterns, and a wide range of options to add elegance to the dining experience. Kimmel Corp. compliments this selection with immaculate laundry services, ensuring that you have a consistent supply of high quality, pristine table linens on hand at all times.

Towels, Aprons, and Mops

Kimmel Corp. offers a wide range of towels, aprons, and mops customized to suit the requirements of various industries. For the food sector, our diverse collection of towels, aprons, and mops is designed to meet industry-specific demands. We prioritize hygiene, a vital component of the industry,  by supplying kitchen aprons alongside premium-quality towels and mops. Our uniform rental in Fostoria guarantees prompt and dependable delivery, ultimately saving you valuable time and resources.

Restroom Solutions

No matter the industry, clean and well-stocked restrooms are a critical priority.  With restroom solutions from Kimmel Corp., you can rely on us to streamline your inventory management. Our restroom products include:

  • Antibacterial Foam Hand Soap
  • Industrial Pro Soy Grit Soap
  • Urinal Cleaner/Deodorizer
  • Urinal Mat
  • Air Freshener
  • Toilet Tissue
  • Paper Hand Towels
  • Paper Towel Products

Contact Kimmel Corp.

Kimmel Corp prides itself on supporting local businesses by providing unbeatable uniform and facility services. Rely on Kimmel Corp. to streamline the process so that you can focus on your business’s success. For more information on our uniform rental in Fostoria, reach out to us at (800) 334-4975 or through email.