The Best Facility Services in Ohio

The Best Facility Services in Ohio

At Kimmel Corp, we know a clean, well-maintained environment is essential for any successful business. That’s why we commit to providing the best facility services in Ohio, ensuring our clients’ surroundings are clean, inviting, and safe. 

Our comprehensive range of products, from antibacterial foam hand soap to high-quality toilet tissue, meets the diverse needs of our clientele. Excellence isn’t just our standard; it’s our signature.

A Comprehensive Approach to Cleanliness

The key to maintaining a hygienic environment lies in the details. Our antibacterial foam hand soap is a testament to our dedication to health and wellness, ensuring that employees and guests maintain the highest level of hand hygiene through the ebbs and flows of a busy workday. 

Our commitment doesn’t end there. As providers of the best facility services in Ohio, we supply a range of products that contribute to a comprehensive cleanliness strategy, enhancing the health standards of your facility.

Innovative Solutions for Restroom Care

A clean, fresh-smelling restroom is a non-negotiable. Our urinal cleaners and deodorizers maintain cleanliness and combat odors at the source. Pair these with our range of air fresheners, and your restrooms will bring a breath of fresh air. 

Kimmel understands that these details make a significant difference, solidifying our reputation for offering the best facility services in Ohio.

Quality Supplies for Essential Needs

Paper products are a staple in any facility and quality matters. Our toilet tissue and paper hand towels champion comfort and efficiency. They are durable, ensuring guests and employees have access to reliable supplies when they need them most. 

Reliability in Regular Upkeep

An essential aspect of facility management is the consistent upkeep of hygiene products and cleaning supplies. With regular check-ins and timely refills, your stock stays consistent and runs smoothly. Paired with our high-quality products, we set ourselves apart as the premier provider of the best facility services in Ohio.

Partner with Kimmel Corp for Superior Care

Entrusting Kimmel with your business means choosing a partner dedicated to your facility’s cleanliness, hygiene, and overall maintenance. Our range of products, combined with our commitment to consistent, high-quality service, ensures that your environment remains pristine, safe, and welcoming. 

We pride ourselves on our proactive approach to client needs and offer supplies that empower your staff to deliver their best and communicate the ideal image you want to project with your business.

Experience Unparalleled Facility Services with Kimmel Corp

You’re getting more than just a provider; you’re getting a partner committed to your establishment’s well-being and reputation. Our comprehensive services, attention to detail, and unmatched standards make us the best facility service provider in Ohio. 

Allow us to handle the intricacies of your facility’s upkeep and discover the Kimmel Corp difference. Call us today at (800) 334-4975, or email us to learn more about our products and services!