Maximizing Hospitality with Quality Table Linen Services

Maximizing Hospitality with Quality Table Linen Services

With over 4 generations in the linen industry, Kimmel Corp has seen firsthand how quality table linen services can benefit hospitality companies. Quality table linen service not only enhances customer satisfaction but helps the business’s bottom line. From the new restaurant in town to the well-established country club, we understand the impact that pressed and pristine table linens can do for their success.

Why Quality Table Linen Service Matters in Hospitality

There is a direct correlation between quality linen service and the success of a hospitality business. From the customer experience to health standards, and business efficiency, professional linen service ensures excelling in all these areas. As technology advances and health awareness increases, we want our hospitality clients to be at the forefront. Below we’ve highlighted some of the ways we have seen quality table linen services maximize hospitality businesses.

Quality Table Linen Service for the Business

On the business side of things, utilizing a professional linen service saves the business time and money. Quality table linen service means reliably clean, fresh linens are always available. Instead of dedicating staff hours to washing, drying, and pressing linens – business owners can trust Kimmel Corp. This allows business owners to focus on what matters most. 

Purchasing table linens means that business owners are financially responsible for all the expenses associated with maintaining and replacing them. Professional linen services are the most cost-effective solution in the long term. Whether it’s a small cafe or banquet hall, quality table linen services increase long-term profitability. 

Quality Table Linen Service for the Customer 

Since COVID-19 the public perception of cleanliness has become a critical factor in the hospitality industry. In a recent study done by NIH, customers who perceived a restaurant as clean felt safer and were more likely to revisit. The hospitality industry relies on repeat customers, so quality table linen service is paramount. Using a professional linen service like Kimmel ensures consistently sanitary linens, putting customers at ease.

In this day and age, customer reviews are everything. Quality table linen service is the easiest way to enhance the dining experience. Crisp, clean, and vibrant table linens give an immediate sense of luxury. When customers enjoy every aspect of their visit, they leave glowing reviews and recommend the place to friends. Don’t let your excellent hospitality be overshadowed by faded, subpar table linens. 

Kimmel Corp: Trusted Local Linen Service

Being a locally owned and operated company, Kimmel Corp isn’t just a linen service, we are also customers of the hospitality industry! Kimmel is rooting for the success of our community. We are proud to not only provide quality table linen service but to be an active part of the community as well. We regularly support local chapters for United Way, Ronald McDonald House, Young Professionals, our local theater, and much more. Choosing Kimmel Corp for your trusted linen service is choosing to invest in our community. Call us at 800-334-4975 or use our online contact form to get started today.