Commercial Laundry for Industrial Businesses

Commercial Laundry for Industrial Businesses

Industrial workers often find themselves in a variety of messy situations. This includes working with grease, dirt, and other debris that steadily builds up over time. Every industrial linen and uniform needs reliable, clean laundry to ensure their long useful lifespans. The best option available is signing up for commercial laundry for industrial businesses. And if you want local, competitively-priced service, sign up with the experts at Kimmel Corporation!

Kimmel Corp. Provides Reliable Commercial Laundry for Industrial Businesses

Since 1931, Kimmel Corp. has retained our industry-leading spot as Ohio’s most trusted supplier of commercial laundry for industrial businesses. Here’s what helps us stand out to local businesses who could use the extra hand for cleaning:

Advanced Laundry Machinery

Kimmel Corp. only uses the latest and greatest laundry equipment in our facility. Each goes through routine and thorough maintenance and inspections. This ensures they are all always performing at peak efficiency and capacity. Our machinery is highly effective at cleaning away common materials found in industrial jobs. Once your uniforms pass through our facility, they will return as good as new to you!

Expert Team Members

Kimmel Corp. hires only the best to join our team. Everyone who makes up our business boasts collective decades of experience in the industry. They work hard to keep everything running smoothly from laundry to maintenance to deliveries. You can rely on our team to meet your needs where they are and never falter!

Sophisticated Tracking Systems

Kimmel Corp. doesn’t just rely on the trained eyes of our expert team members. We use modern tracking systems and technology such as RFID to more efficiently and effectively track every item in our facility. Combining both our technology and talented staff, nothing is ever unaccounted for.

Consistent Stock

On top of thorough tracking and laundering, Kimmel Corp. will repair every item that needs it to the best of our ability. Anything that is too far gone is fully replaced at no additional cost to our clients! This way, our clients always have what they need in stock when they need it most.

Local, Ohioan Excellence

For over 90 years, Kimmel Corp. has led the way in commercial laundry for industrial businesses. Our business knows the needs of our clients because they are often the same as ours. Many of our clients are neighbors we’ve known for years and our team is made of up local hires. All in all, Kimmel Corp. genuinely cares about the communities we serve in ways that national providers can’t.

Sign Up for Kimmel Corp.’s Commercial Laundry for Industrial Businesses Today!

Kimmel Corp. has the team, technology, and experience to ensure your linen and uniforms are always in tip-top shape! Call us today at 1-800-334-4975 to speak with a member of our team who will help you sign up for commercial laundry for industrial businesses. Additionally, you may also fill out this form for a free quote or more information on our other products and services.