How to Clean and Maintain Industrial Uniforms

How to Clean and Maintain Industrial Uniforms

Industrial workers often get very dirty during a typical workday. Their uniforms go through a lot of punishment in order to keep each person as safe and clean as possible. They need reliable maintenance to ensure that they retain long useful lifespans. Knowing how to clean and maintain industrial uniforms sounds like it would be beneficial for staff members. However, there are very few options available, and only one that is both consistent and affordable.

Your Options for Cleaning and Maintaining Industrial Uniforms

Industrial uniform maintenance can come in a variety of forms. This includes options such as:

Having Staff Clean Them at Home

Some industrial facilities elect to let their employees take home and clean uniforms. They see it as efficient since this takes the task out of the business’s hands and puts it squarely in the hands of staff members. In the long run, those “saved costs” will come back to bite them. 

The average washer and dryer aren’t capable of fully cleaning away oils, metal dust, and other material commonly found on industrial uniforms. These machines are all most staff members will have access to and even if they were capable enough, they still wouldn’t maintain uniforms. Employees don’t know how to maintain their uniforms and, as a result, uniform integrity fails over time. This means that the facility will inevitably have to get involved.

Setting Up an On-Premise Laundry

Industrial facilities typically have a lot of employee uniforms to look out for. As a result, many facilities choose to handle laundry and maintenance in-house. This gives them full control over the process and is far more reliable than home washing. 

However, on-premise laundries are very expensive and often not worth the investment. They involve finding or building dedicated space, acquiring and running laundry equipment which also raises utility bills, hiring and continuing to pay dedicated staff, and more.

Leaving it to the Experts at Kimmel Corp.

Outsourcing laundry to an experienced, local provider is by far the most efficient and inexpensive option. Kimmel Corp. is a local provider in Sandusky, Ohio with over 90 years of experience. We are a leading provider of industrial uniforms and regularly launder and maintain them for our clients. Our competitively-priced laundry service provides you access to each of the following:

  • Advanced Laundry Machinery. Kimmel Corp. only uses the latest and greatest laundry machinery. This ensures every uniform receives optimal cleaning and returns looking as new as the day you first acquired it!
  • A Team of Industry Experts. Kimmel Corp. hires staff members with decades of collective experience. They fully repair every uniform to the best of their considerable ability and replace what is too far gone for our clients.
  • Sophisticated Tracking Technology. Kimmel Corp. takes care of inventory management for our clients with help from our tracking systems. They keep a close eye on every item to ensure it is properly sorted and receives the personalized care it needs. With our help, every item is accounted for, clean, and ready for the next set of shifts!

Kimmel Corp. Will Clean and Maintain Industrial Uniforms for Your Business

Kimmel Corp. knows how to clean and maintain industrial uniforms and is here to help! Save your business time and money by signing up for our commercial laundry service. Call us today at 1-800-334-4975 to speak with a member of our team who will happily walk you through your options. Additionally, if you’re interested in a free quote on our other products and services, reach out to us here!