Is Buying Company Uniforms a Good Idea?

Is Buying Company Uniforms a Good Idea?

If you’re considering buying company uniforms for your business you should know every option available to you. Purchasing the uniforms outright is not only costly quickly, but maintaining them to keep their cleanliness, appearance and safety largely add to costs over time. Here are some things to consider before putting your money down, and why renting company uniforms might be right for you: 

Considerations Before Buying Company Uniforms

From cost and convenience to quality and supply stability, here’s why you’re better off with a uniform rental service:


Cost has always been one of the most contentious points when it comes to the renting versus buying debate. The biggest argument against renting is that the monthly rental fees add up. This raises the price per uniform. To some extent, this is true. 

However, this point dismisses the fact that a rental service comes with value-added services incorporated into the rental fees. The monthly rental fees cover the costs of laundering and maintenance. The monthly overhead cost of running a laundry facility – utilities, labor, space – still comes up higher than a rental. You never have to worry about the state and/or availability of your supply. Not to mention, purchasing your own uniform inventory requires a high upfront investment. Unless you have thousands of dollars in disposable cash, purchasing is never the best option.


When it comes to uniform maintenance, renting is the better option. A reliable uniform service has the facilities and the expertise required to achieve better results for your supplies. Consistency in quality is another area where rental proves better than buying. The maintenance process with a uniform rental service comes with quality safeguards to ensure consistent results.


Work uniforms, with regular use and washing, have an average lifespan of three to five years. This number can even go down depending on the quality of maintenance and/or rigidity of use. This is where a uniform rental service gives you an advantage. Replacement costs are less than having to buy brand new uniforms.


A uniform rental service gives you more flexibility than buying ever will. It doesn’t matter whether you’re onboarding a new set of employees or simply upgrading your current inventory. A rental service lets you take care of that with a single call. You can forget about massive upfront investments.

Where to Get an Ohio Uniform Rental Service

  • Expertise and Specialization. Choose a uniform service provider that has a proven track record for service reliability and product quality. Because your business’s needs are unique to your industry, specialization is just as important. You want a service provider who understands exactly the kind of uniforms and garment care your business needs.
  • Experience. The assurance of quality and reliability can only come from years of practice and experience. That’s what you want for your uniforms. You don’t want to work with a company that’s only starting to get the hang of things.
  • Excellence. Uniform rental service comes with a price. It might be cheaper than purchasing in the long run, but it’s going to cost you, nonetheless. That is why it’s important to get a service that is well worth the price tag. You want one with a proven reputation for quality and reliability. You want one with actual testimonials that can back up their claims. In short, you want one that has delivered on their promises and has the proof to show for it.

In Ohio, there’s only one uniform service company that fits all of these requirements: Kimmel Corp.!

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