Uniforms as a Marketing Tool

Uniforms as a Marketing Tool

Using uniforms as a marketing tool is a clever and powerful way to expand your brand’s reach and company’s visibility.

A clever marketing strategy is often one you hardly notice but can still affect you in profound ways. Whether on billboards, commercials, magazines, or stickers plastered on a sidewalk, they play a vital role in influencing our psyche. To get the most out of branding, cover your bases by utilizing every tool at your disposal. Kimmel Corp. uniforms are the next step in leveling your brand awareness in a subtle yet eye-catching and tasteful way.

How Kimmel Uniform Simplifies Using Uniforms as Marketing Tools

It takes more than one-time purchase to make the most of uniforms as marketing tools. Employees might not properly care for their uniforms, which can lead to premature fading or damage otherwise. Doing the maintenance yourself or outsourcing it can be expensive, time consuming, and might still not get everything you want. Getting your employees uniforms from an experienced and competent provider like Kimmel takes the stress and cost fluctuations out of the equation. Here’s what else they do:

A Real Connection

No matter the industry, marketing is a part of life. Without it, traffic to your website or retail store won’t ever reach its full potential. In the corporate world, it has become harder and harder to find sincere ways to reach your target market.

The formulaic nature of branding is unappealing and a turn-off to people looking for a genuine connection with quality products and services as the vehicle that delivers it. Kimmel Corp. is aware of that disconnect between business and consumer. To combat it, we infuse our unique touch in every stitch and thread of the garments we put our name on.    

Staying Flexible

We’re flexible in the industries we cater to. Whether it’s in the culinary or industrial sectors or one that requires a more dressy look, Kimmel Corp. can serve you with customizable uniforms that present the very best for your brand. 

The Power of First Impressions

We know it’s not always best to judge a book by its cover, but human nature will say otherwise. No matter how successful your marketing strategy is, your staff is on the front lines to represent your service. The importance of outfitting your employees with high-quality design shouldn’t be underestimated. 

They are the ones that interact with their customers at the ground level, and they need every tool to provide the best experience possible. From great customer service to knowledgeable staff and uniform quality, it’s all part of delivering an unforgettable and lasting impression. 

What We Offer

When you order from Kimmel Corp., a dedicated image specialist is on call to work with you to develop the design that best represents your business. We also offer:

  • Custom apparel programs.
  • Embroidered and screen-printed samples to revise until we get it just right.
  • Varieties in sizes and colors.
  • Digitized logos.

Because of our long-standing partnerships with the most reputable companies in clothing manufacturing, we purchase all kinds of apparel at discounted prices. That means with perfectly customized uniforms to market your enterprise, you enjoy the most competitive pricing in the industry. 

Use Kimmel Corp. Uniforms as a Marketing Tool Today!

Marketing remains the most effective method of bringing traffic to your business. Ensure you’re maximizing your potential by using uniforms as a marketing tool to reach your audience. Contact us today at (419) 294-1959 to learn more about our products and services, or reach out to us online!