Floor Mats Ohio Businesses Need

Floor Mats Ohio Businesses Need

Achieving harmony in productivity, safety, and branding is no easy task. These elements are essential but routinely overlooked. Kimmel Corp. covers all three with floor mats Ohio businesses need.

Why Secure Floor Mats in Ohio Through Kimmel Corp.

Over the last five years, Ohio has emerged as an epicenter for productivity in America. The 31,000+ businesses generated in 2022 alone are proof of the resurgence in Ohio’s economy. To keep up with the influx in growing demands of these new businesses, Kimmel Corp. stands ready to serve Ohio with industry-leading floor mats to protect your business, your image, and your employees.

Floor Care as Our Priority

In a world where profits and bottom lines reign supreme, how often do we see businesses cutting corners where it counts? It’s all too common, but ultimately, short-sighted, especially when it comes to floor care and facility cleanliness. Kimmel Corp. understands that a long-term approach to business involving care and consideration boosts employee morale, promotes longevity, and earns you more money. Our floor mats are some of the many products we provide where care and consideration ooze through every thread.

Quality and Selection

With our vast selection of mats for rent or purchase, it was crucial for us to stick to our strict quality standards. Where others in our industry falter by stretching themselves too thin, Kimmel Corp. raises the bar. Our exceptionally designed floor mats represent the stellar quality of your Ohio business.

Because of their high-grade materials, our floor mats enhance your workplace with an eye-catching flare. They also trap dirt and harmful contaminants that employees or customers might track in. Whether you need standard walk-off mats, scraper mats, anti-fatigue mats, or something in between, we rise to the challenge. 

Regulatory Compliance

Ohio’s professional industries are as varied as its residents. That’s why Kimmel Corp. follows ADA requirements to ensure accessibility for our cherished Ohio residents. One size won’t fit all, but an exceptional floor mat must bring the best in safety to protect your valued staff and guests. So no matter what style floor mat we provide, rest assured that structural integrity, premier materials, and beautiful design are consistent across the board.

Comprehensive Service

Whether renting or purchasing, don’t stress over gaps in service or lapses in quality. Once you trust Kimmel Corp. to work for you, your business will elevate and stay there with our cutting-edge cleaning services. We recognize that smooth and easy replacement programs are vital when retiring your old floor mats. No stone is left unturned when we commit to bringing you the pinnacle in full-service experience with free pick-ups and deliveries. 

Trust Kimmel Corp. to Provide Floor Mats Ohio Businesses Need

Ohio is up-and-coming with no signs of slowing. You need a floor mat provider with proven success. Since 1931, Kimmel Corp. has grown alongside our clients and adapted to the ebbs and flows of a blossoming industry. Call us today at (800) 334-4975 to sign up for floor mats Ohio businesses need. Additionally, you may reach out online to learn more about how we lead by example.