Industrial Uniforms in Ohio Through Kimmel Corp.

Industrial Uniforms in Ohio Through Kimmel Corp.

Ohio is a titan of industry and is at the forefront of producing materials like plastic, rubber, metals, and electrical equipment. Hard work comes naturally to Ohio residents, it’s part of their DNA. Go with a business where durable, beautiful, comfortable uniforms are in theirs. Find the industrial uniforms in Ohio your business needs through Kimmel Corp.

Why Kimmel Corp.?

Industrial workers face constant dangers every day. Regardless of the job, preserving employee well-being comes first. We design Kimmel Corp. industrial uniforms with safety in mind. We add our personalized touch that transcends traditional uniform linen services.

Human Connection

Kimmel Corp. is locally owned and operated and as tied to the fabric of Ohio as you are to your business. Decades of service to our beloved Ohio residents have afforded us a personal connection and an intimate understanding of how to best provide industrial uniforms in Ohio. We demonstrate this by connecting you with real people by phone or email with same-day responses every time.

Zero Stress

Unforeseen accidents that break down industrial uniforms come with the territory. Industrial-grade uniforms will eventually succumb to wear and tear, which is where Kimmel Corp. comes in. Our expert team uses their keen eye and expertise to inspect, repair, and replace garments at the first sign of less-than-stellar quality. A Kimmel Corp. rep will even come to you to custom-fit your industrial uniforms to ensure your staff is satisfied. With no upfront investments in uniforms and deliveries designed for your convenience, Kimmel Corp. redefines extraordinary service.

Sustainable Cleanliness

Kimmel Corp. adopts a green approach to linen maintenance and cleaning. We use environmentally friendly fluids to minimize harmful waste when we dry-clean your industrial uniforms while reducing gas consumption. Staying relevant means staying up-to-date with the latest and greatest sanitation technology to serve your interests while protecting our state.

On-Time Deliveries

Trial and error in our delivery systems have brought us to this moment, where we are now at the apex of efficiency. The Kimmel Corp. mobile route accounting system and specialized routes enable our service reps to deliver and manage industrial uniform deliveries quickly and accurately.

Quality Products

Perfectly balanced blends of cotton, polyester, denim, and more, are the backbone of our service. Flawless customer support, speedy deliveries, and sophisticated inventory management crumble if the product isn’t up to par with our other industry-leading services. Protecting industrial workers from the grueling workday is the first thought in our minds when we develop, inspect, clean, and replace our garments. Rest assured that if the quality doesn’t meet our standards, it doesn’t make it to you. No exceptions! 

Protect Your Brand, Protect Your Employee with Kimmel Corp. Industrial Uniforms in Ohio

For first-class industrial uniforms in Ohio, look no further than Kimmel Corp. We have established our reputation through decades of service and personal connections with our fellow Ohio residents. Call us today at (800) 334-4975 to start your service, or email us to learn more about our products and services!