Kimmel Corp. Serves Ohio Businesses. How Can We Serve Yours?

Kimmel Corp. Serves Ohio Businesses. How Can We Serve Yours?

Ohio is a titan of industry. The Buckeye State produces incredible output in fields that shape and define American business. However, this well-oiled machine that powers the US economy doesn’t function without the hard-working men and women who drive it forward and challenge expectations of what’s possible in the modern era. That’s why Kimmel Corp. dedicates itself to serving Ohio businesses at the ground level with reliable linen, uniform, and facility products. Here’s how we can serve yours:

Several Ways We Affect Change

We pride ourselves on being involved with businesses that promote health, comfort, and overall well-being. That goes for both your customers and employees! We keep our finger on the pulse and have stayed diverse in our services for uniforms, floor mats, linens, restroom products, and more. Kimmel Corp. has the resources that let us rise to the challenge.

Uniforms & Apparel

We provide full-service uniform rental programs for Ohio businesses in a variety of industries. Kimmel Corp. is at the forefront of customer satisfaction by combining great-quality uniforms & apparel with stellar customer care. Accurate deliveries, quick response times, and user-friendly invoicing take the hassle out of the process. 

Our apparel catalog is dynamic. We manufacture culinary, flame-resistant, high-visibility, and industrial-grade attire to contend with whatever life throws at you. We also sport an executive line if you need to dress to impress. 

Floor Mats

We provide mats to keep your floors looking fresh. Employee productivity is not at its best unless you have the accessories that ensure a clean and safe workspace. Our floor mat rental program includes a scheduled exchange to replace your dirty mats with clean ones to project a professional image at all times. We offer several mats for rent and purchase. Whether you need anti-fatigue and restroom mats or a logo and anti-microbial mat, our selection will accommodate any request.

Table Linen

We provide five-star table linen that never wavers in its mission. Kimmel Corp. understands the value of presentation and how it elevates the dining experience, so we offer napkins that sport every color of the rainbow and beyond! They are an excellent accent piece for any event. Our experienced service specialists also manage your inventory, letting you focus on the things that matter – the guests you serve.

Restroom Solutions

Just as important as the appearance of your front-of-the-house operations is what’s in the back. Though restrooms aren’t the first thing patrons encounter, an unsanitary bathroom can turn an otherwise positive experience upside down. Kimmel Corp. upholds the highest standard in scent and sanitary practices for your guests and employees. Whether you need paper towels, antibacterial soap, air fresheners, or more, we provide products that ensure a safe and clean experience.

Towels, Aprons, and Mops

Kimmel Corp. offers extensive full towel service while monitoring inventory and exchanging your dirty supplies for clean ones. That includes our mop and apron selection to help reduce your costs!

Dry Cleaning

Our service doesn’t just follow the herd. We lead by example and place customers first by going above and beyond. Our thorough dry cleaning services reflect that commitment. Not only do we provide dry cleaning, but our pick-up and delivery service will take away the pressure of commuting back and forth for your linens. 

With Kimmel Corp. in your corner, think twice before tossing those fire-damaged garments or antique gowns gathering dust in your closet. We specialize in reversing smoke damage and restoring your gowns so you can keep using your apparel for years to come. 

Kimmel Corp. is the Best in Class

Our services speak for themselves. Only Kimmel Corp. can answer the call of duty with solutions tailored for Ohio businesses. Take the next step and see what gold-standard service looks like. Contact us at 419-294-1959 or email to get started today!