How Kimmel Corp. Helps Reduce Airborne Allergens

How to Reduce Airborne Allergens in a Business

Allergies are a common occurrence but they are often overlooked in the workplace. They have long-running, negative effects on your staff and can even cause major health issues for those with pre-existing medical conditions. Working with our company, Kimmel Corp., is an ideal way to reduce airborne allergens in the workplace. 

Tips for Reducing Airborne Allergens

There are a variety of ways that allergies can get out of hand in the workplace. Kimmel Corp. has three services that prevent each of them:

Mat Service

Many of the allergens plaguing employees and customers come from the outside world. It’s very easy for them to track inside the workplace whenever someone comes and goes through a door or even opens a window. Without the proper service, allergies spread at an alarming rate. Kimmel Corp.’s mat service contains that spread by keeping the outside at bay. We make each of our products with thick, durable bristles that ensure no unwanted contaminants make it inside from shoe soles.

Mop Service

No mat can keep every allergen out. Dust left unchecked on the floor fills the air and causes allergic reactions in staff and customers. Proper floor care is integral to reducing allergens which is why it is so important to have another method of cleaning them. Our mops clean what mats can’t. We have specially designed dust mops with an absorbent blend that picks up and holds more dirt than traditional blend mops. However, not every allergen comes from dust. That’s why our wet mops are manufactured with a high concentration of antimicrobial fiber to resist various bacteria for extended use. 

Towel Service

If mats can’t keep everything out and both mats and mops only cover floor allergens, what about other surfaces? After all, desks and counters are much harder to avoid spending time near, especially for staff. Kimmel Corp. has everything covered! Our towels reach surfaces that mops can’t conveniently clean. Each is highly durable, able to withstand the absolute worst that staff can put them through. We maintain these highly absorbent towels ourselves in our commercial laundry service to ensure clients always have a steady supply of them. 

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